American literature at the Advanced Teachers Institute

US Department of State exchange program alumna Ruth San-A-Jong gave at the Advanced Teachers Training Institute(IOL)  teachers-in-training an introduction to American Literature. Ruth recently completed a 6-week post-graduate level program on Contemporary American Literature and shared her experience with the students along with discussing works by Allen Ginsberg and Gwendolyn Brooks.


Bhoekansingh Andjenie, a third year student who was inspired by the themes of both poems, wrote this.



We all call him God,
We all pray: or not?

We all made of flesh and blood,
We all defecate and urinate; or not?

We all live on the same earth,
We all have the same worth.

We all are fruits of mother nature,
We all have to endure some torture.

We all live together,
We all change like the weather.

We all make mistakes,
We all give each other handshakes.

We all form one nation,
We all are victims of discrimination.


Bhoekansingh Andjenie

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